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PCV Delete Kit

THE kit to solve a common fault on the 2.0TSFI VAG Engines, the Pressure Control Relief Valve.

The original valve is designed solely to regulate the crankcase gases that are recirculated back into the manifold. 

Over time, the weak diaphram in these units split (especially on tuned/remapped vehicles) resulting in excessive force entering the inlet manifold, causing a range of symptomatic faults including rough idle, poor mpg, loss of boost and spool up amongst others.

Our kits replace the PCV, deleting the OEM PCV system, thus removing the problem and replacing with a well engineered solution relying only on a vacuum based setup linking the two internal ports together.

Our kits also include a PCV adaptor which comes with three vacuum ports (blanks are included if not needed) - This can be used to run additional vacuum lines and/or to boost gauge or water spray.

VW/Audi PCV Delete Plate

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