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Vauxhall  Catch Can Kit 

These are custom made to order  

In the kit you will receive the following  

1x 2 port fully baffled catch can in red, blue, black or silver  

2 x Custom Oil Lines, oil/fuel safe hoses that is then braided in a colour of your choice 

2 x Hose End Fittings, these incorporate clips to connect to the catch can, they are available in red, blue, black, silver and purple  

2  X hose clips to connect the pipes to the rocker cover and you can either connect it to the intake tube if you have the outlet or vent it to atmosphere,

Please select vent to atmosphere or recirculating
If vent to atmosphere is selected only 1 hose will he supplied along with a VTA filter.

If recirculating is selected then 2 hoses will be sent.

 These are made to order 

Current dispatch time is 7-10 working days

Vauxhall Vectra Custom Made Oil Catch Tank Kit

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