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Universal Oil Catch Can Kit This kit can be fitted to any engine you desire, you will need to find your own suitable loaction for the catch tank to be fitted and how the hoses are routed


In the kit you will receive the following


1x 2 Port Catch Tank, these come in Red, Blue, Black and Silver


2x Custom Lengths Of Oil/Fuel Safe Hose, these will be braided in your chosen colour and they will supplied in 500mm lengths


2x Hose End Finishers, these incorparate clamps to attach the new pipes to the catch tank, they come in Red, Blue, Black, Silver and some specialist colours that ill depend on what the supplier has avaliable, if you have a specific request then please contact us prior to ordering so we can find out avalability


2x Hose clamps, these will be needed to connect the new hoses to your chosen engine location


As per the title these are universal so we are unable to supply fitting instructions as this will differ dependng on which engine you are fitting it to, we can however offer guidance on the approved location and pipe loactions


Each kit is custom made to order

Universal Oil Catch Can Kit

Oil Lines Colour
  • This is a full universal Oil Catch Can Kit


    It can be fitted to any 4/5/8 cylinder engine


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