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Fiesta ST180 R-Sport Stage 4 Garrett Intercooler - Pumaspeed


  • Stage 4 rated to over 500 bhp
  • Fully Flow Engineered Tapered End Tanks
  • 100% Alloy Construction
  • 3 Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty
  • Garret Core Inside with approx 10 litre capacity


The New Stage 4 R-Sport Garret Core Race Intercooler for the Fiesta ST180 EcoBoost Turbo is now available from Pumaspeed Performance Tuning!

Designed specifically for use in the Fastest ST180 track applications. We use this on most of our 320+bhp conversions that are going to be used on the track for extended periods.


This no compromise Garrett Intercooler is hand built by the R-Sport Fabricators and designed for race use or very high spec fast road use.


The fitting of this Intercooler will require some modifcation to the Crash Bar in order for it to be mounted correctly. Pumaspeed recommend some modifications to the front bumper to maximise air flow to the enlarged surface of the intercooler.


The unique State of the Art tapered end tank design limit internal volumes to minimise turbo lag.

Why does my EcoBoost need an Intercooler?

The standard Fiesta 1.6 Turbo intercooler as we have proved in testing, tended to have a weak spot above 225-230 bhp on the car when wanting to push power hard from the very small turbo. 


Lower Temps and a higher flow rate through the cooler are known to add power, so the design team at Pumaspeed have added the best Intercooler core into the air flow and created the very best compact cooler available.

Available in very limited numbers and built to order!

R-Sport Stage 4 Race Spec Garrett Intercooler - Fiesta ST180 Mk7

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