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R-Sport PRO400 Stage 3 Full Height Intercooler - Pumaspeed R-Sport Pro Intercoolers

  • Capable of up to 400bhp
  • As Fitted to our Orange Track Car
  • Super-Efficient and Dense Bar and Plate Core
  • Easy Direct Fit To All OE Pipework or Aftermarket Boost Pipes
  • Full Height Cast Ends Tanks Deliver Air Flow to the Whole Core
  • Perfectly Paired with the X37 Hybrid Turbocharger at 300bhp
  • Available Only at Pumaspeed and our Dealer Network


R-Sport PRO400 - The Ultimate Intercoolers in the Ford Scene. And now we have one for the incredible Mk8 Fiesta ST!

The design team were asked to produce a cooler that would allow the X series hybrid turbochargers to work to well over 300bhp and even up to 400 bhp. The only way to run that sort of power from an intercooler is to increase the size of the core. The Stage 2 intercooler from R-Sport already increased the thickness of the core to a 90mm core in the stock intercooler location, so the only way to go was up, and run a full height core. This new larger core will in turn will increase the 'internal volume' of air being cooled and therefore make a colder air temperature result on the cold side of the intercooler.

The next design feature was the entry angles of the end tanks; we've purposely angled these upwards, forcing the air from the lower portions up to the top of the cooler as this will improve the intercooler efficiency by maximising the use of the full height of the core. Other intercoolers on the market who do not use end tanks which opt to the full height of the unit will only have air pass through through the 'middle' of the intercooler and therefore lose out on possible cooling potential. 
Additionally to the end tanks scoping to the full height of the intercooler, you will notice that they curve round in a gradual 'swoop' from the boost pipe connectors. This is to aid the velocity of the air flow which will aid in gaining maximum power, and will also protect the intercooler end tanks from blowing, commonly seen with cheaper alternatives you find from other tuners and specifically on eBay. 

This unit will sit directly as a replacement for the stock Ford intercooler, no need to cut your bumper or modify any parts. It works with your standard boost pipes or with our Pumaspeed aftermarket Boost Pipes which have been specifically engineered with the same care and intuition to delivery maximum air flow. It supports power output of up to 400bhp which will suit all Pumaspeed X Series Hybrid Turbos currently available for the Mk8 ST. 

This intercooler is the best available, simply because we have taken our time and maximised the design potential with this crucial modification. Why settle for a cheap counterpart when you can get the best?


R-Sport PRO400 Stage 3 Full Height Intercooler - Fiesta ST Mk8

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