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Pumaspeed Stage 2 Intercooler Fiesta ST Mk8 - Pumaspeed

  • Stage 3 rated to over 320bhp
  • Fully Flow Engineered Tapered End Tanks
  • 100% Alloy Construction
  • Easy DIRECT FIT to all OE Quick fit Pipework
  • Lifetime Warranty


All Intercoolers are not made equal.
The Brand new Fiesta ST Mk8 has a good intercooler as stock, which is very unusual for a Ford, so at Stage1R power levels there is actually no need to change  the intercooler if you live in cooler climates.
So with this in mind Pumaspeed and R-Sport set about creating through some very clever 3d scanning technology what we wanted  to be the ultimate stock location Intercooler that would look perfect behind the stock ST MK8 Fiesta Bumper. We know this is very important for some especially in the TUV heartland of Western Europe..

Using this very precise 3D scanning technology and custom CAD software allowed us the squeeze another 54% of extra size into the stock intercooler postion, which is an incredible gain and most importantly leaves you with a radiator that isnt obstructed by a huge tall cooler.
The benefits of the extra volume and cross sectional area allow the gases to flow much slower, which in turn allows them to have a much longer 'in core' cooling time.
We had intended this cooler to be a stage 2 unit be with so much over engineering of the end tank flow rate and over specification of the core size and internal fin structure it very quickly became obvious in Dyno Testing that is was a very suitable unit for Stage 3 300 bhp X37 Power Kits we have.

R-Sport 90mm Stage 2 Intercooler Fiesta ST MK8 - Fiesta ST Mk8

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