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Pumaspeed Fiesta ST180 Front Brake Upgrade Kit - Pumaspeed


  • Grooved for pad deglazing
  • OEM spec discs
  • Optional J-Hook design
  • Anti-Corrosion black finish
  • Mintex M1144 pads
  • HEL braided lines
  • Astonishing performance


A combination of the fantastic Pumaspeed Racing performance discs, Mintex M1144 pads and HEL braided lines creates an unbeatable stopping combination, available in both front and rear package deals.


This upgrade not only meets the original equipment manufacturers specifications, it exceeds the stock setup in every way possible, including cost!


The new Pumaspeed Racing brake discs feature a grooved pattern combined with an anti corrosion black finish - both for better image and for better performance. The grooves aid pad deglazing and allow for the heat to dissipate as quickly as possible to eliminate brake fade on road and track.


Also available with the brilliant J-Hook design.


The Mintex M1144 material is widely used across various race series and by enthusiasts for both fast road and track use in all fast Fords.


This kit truly is the best in performance stopping power unrivalled in its class.

Pumaspeed Fiesta ST180 Front Brake Upgrade Kit - Fiesta ST180 Mk7

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