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Pumaspeed Boost Tap for Fiesta ST MK8 - Pumaspeed Billet CNC


  • Brand New for the Fiesta ST Mk8
  • Billet CNC Machined Aluminium
  • Run Boost Gauges and Vacuum Valves
  • Easy DIY Installation and Hardware Supplied
  • Available in Colours Black, Silver, Red and Blue
  • Exclusive to Pumaspeed and our Dealer Network
  • Order Today!


Brand new and EXCLUSIVE to Pumaspeed and our dealer network, this boost tap for the Fiesta ST Mk8 lets you run boost gauges and vacuum operated valves without compromising the boost or power delivery to your car.

Since 2018 the world has been waiting for a vacuum boost tap, which will allow you an accurate boost reading from your MK8 ST. The end user available datalogging software and electronic gauges can be found to be inaccurate, so a vacuum operated boost gauge is both accurate and aesthetically superior. The new Pumaspeed boost tap will allow you to run a vacuum boost gauge or any vacuum operated valves you may need after a simply DIY install at home or here in our workshop. 

The tap installs to your car between the boost sensor (MAP sensor) and inlet manifold. Our design engineer has designed the full piece from scratch without our 3D printer and step files, meaning it will fit in your engine bay under the engine cover without distorion or to be removed completely. In addition to this, the quality of manufacturer from our in house design means the responsiveness and accuracy of the air flow is second to none.

This can be used for any situation where you require a boost/vacuum source such as the controller for a Water Methonal Injection kit.

Perfect for any car running Stage 1 power or further, the Pumaspeed Boost Tap for the Mk8 Fiesta ST is a must have for every modified car owner!


*When fitting, we recommend that the plastic inlet manifold outer right angle lip is inspected for sharp edges so as not to cut the o-ring supplied with the boost tap. 

Pumaspeed Boost Tap for Fiesta ST MK8 - Fiesta ST Mk8

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