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Gain maximum BHP and fast turbo spool up with a Pro Hoses 2.5″ cold side boost pipe
Available with or without dump valve/symposer outlet

Will fit with the following intercoolers:

  • Pace
  • Pro-Alloy
  • Forge
  • Ford OEM


Direct replacement! No modding required.


The Pro Hosed 2.5″ cold side pipe upgrade to replace Ford’s restrictive 2″ boost pipe.


The original Ford pipe also has joins in the middle where as the Pro Hoses is made in one-piece for super smooth flow.
Fitting takes 0.5 to 1 hour.
Please note: Custom colours are made to order, please expect a 5-10 day delay on custom colours.
Peak show times may be a longer 7-10 day delay.

Pro Hoses 2.5-inch Cold Side Boost Pipe for Focus RS Mk2

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