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Fitting an oil catch tank removes the contaminants that build up within the engine that would normally be burnt by passing it through the intake, thus eliminates issues with condensation and oil contamination.

Each kit is custom made to order by me so the combinations avaliable are endless, the only issue is how daring do you want to be.

In each kit you will receive the following 

1 X Oil Catch Tank, avaliable in black, blue, red or silver 

2 x Custom Made Oil Lines, these are oil/fuel and heat safe & reinforced hoses that will not collapse or deteriorate, avaliable in black, royal blue, red, silver, gold, green, purple, yellow, white, nitrous blue, anthricite & pink

2 x Hose End Fittings, these incorporate a clamp to allow connection to the catch tank, avaliable in black, blue, red, silver, chrome, green, purple & gold.

2 x Hose Fittings, these are avaliable in small or large size and will depend what engine you have.

Fitting instructions are email upon delivery via email in PDF form, when followed the kits are very easy to fit, no special tools are required to fit the kit and can be fitted by a novice owner.

All parts are UK sourced from reputable suppliers, I do not use suppliers from overseas.

Current dispatch time is 7-10 working days.

Full no quibble money back guarantee on every kit should you not be satisfied with your kit

Peugeot 206 & 207 & 208 2 Port Custom Made Oil Catch Tank Kit

Oil Lines Colour
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