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Unleash the true potential of your Vehicle with the NEXUS Flash Pro end user tuning tool!

- Tune your car from home via the obd.
- Holds 5 different maps.
- Switch between maps with the touch of a few buttons.
- Anti theft map to increase vehicle security.
- Capable of performing basic Diagnostics via OBD 

We at NEXUS are proud to bring you the next generation in end user tuning, a handset with unrivalled versatility, capable of storing 5 different maps, this allows us to custom tune your car with our market leading software from the comfort of your home, with the ability to switch between maps at your leisure within a couple of minuets. A windows PC is needed for the initial set up and sending of files, once that is complete and the files have been finalised there is no need for a computer simply plug in your tool to the vehicles OBD port and switch as many times as you like!!

This Package Contains rights to 4 Map variations and anti theft mode, we can make custom tune these map variations to your specification, such as low boost medium boost and high boost, Numbers will be based on which turbo you have, we will need data logs via forscan for custom tuning.

we will also add Anti theft mode. If your limited to fuel types or have extra fuels in your country we can change some of these maps to suit just contact us! 

All of our tuning comes with a built in Hardcut rev limiter at 7000-7500rpm (turbo dependant), Brake boost and no lift shift!

Nexus Stage 3N figures are based of an average result on our Dyno Jet WHP dyno.
Nexus has been tested in some of the most punishing environments such as track testing and 1/4 mile racing.

NEXUS Flash Pro (Stage 3N) 300-350BHP

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