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Stage 1r Catalyst Safe Progressive Power and Torque 225-240 bhp - MAXD-OUT Software


  • Tune your ST180 Fiesta anywhere in the World.
  • Up to 240+ bhp capable on 99 octane fuel
  • Simple Plug and Play Custom tuning procedure.
  • Uses any Windows based PC
  • Includes 2 maps 225 bhp and 240 bhp
  • Cat safe crackle and advanced overrun optional


The MAXD tuning device allows you total control of the vehicles engine calibration with the use of any Windows based PC.
This Stage 1 version of the MAXD Out device contains the first 2 engine calibrations to choose from, not just one like other tuning boxes.

 These are Stage 1 (225 bhp), STAGE 1r  (240 bhp)

MAXD Out Flash Tuning Box - Fiesta ST180 Stage 1R - Fiesta ST180 Mk7

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