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Our custom made oil catch tank kits now come in 3 different variants, be it the classic 2 port kit for the CCV or PCV or the new 3 port kit that vents both sides of the engine into a single tank or the AN fitting kit with its braided, steel reinforced oil lines and aluminium AN fittings.

Adding one of the kits will help your engine breath and eliminate condensation and oil contamination.

I'm each kit you will receive a variation of the following

1 X Oil Catch Tank, avaliable in black, blue, red or silver (AN tanks only available in black or stainless)

Custom Made Oil Lines, oil/fuel safe, double wall & reinforced, avaliable in red, royal blue, black, silver,  gold, green, purple, yellow,  white,  anthricite, orange, light blue.

Hose End Fittings, these are avaliable in, red, silver, chrome, green, purple, orange, black, blue 

Hose Fittings, these will depend which model you require and are specific to each engine.

Each kit is supplied with full fitting instructions that are emailed upon delivery of your kit, no special tools are required and a novice can fit the kit in minutes.

UK sourced parts, I do not use overseas suppliers.

Current dispatch time is 7-10 working days

Kia Custom Made Oil Catch Tank Kit

Oil Lines Colour
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