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Focus MK2 RS CCV Custom Oil Catch Tank Kit
The crank case of your engine will build pressure and oil and fuel vapour builds up thinning your oil which obviously isn't good for the performance and reliability of your engine, fitting the catch tank kit vents these vapours thus removing the pressure from the crank case and maintaining performance and lifespan, also helping prevent blow by of the piston rings
Each kit is custom made to order,
fitting instructions are emailed once you take delivery of the kit, when followed the kit is very, very easy to fit.
All UK sourced parts, from reputable suppliers.
In the kit you will receive the following
1 X 2 Port Oil Catch Tank, available in Black, Red, Blue & Brushed Aluminium
2 X Custom Made Oil lines, available in 15 different colours, so I can match most engine bay colour schemes
2 X Hose End Finishing Clamps, avaliable in Black, Red, Blue, Silver, Chrome, Purple, Green & Gold
Dispatch is 7-10 working days
Each kit is custom made to order

Focus RS MK3 CCV Custom Oil Catch Tank Kit

Oil Lines Colour
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