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Fiesta ST180 Ported Exhaust Manifold - Pumaspeed Tubular Manifolds


  • Port Matched to the Turbo Charger.
  • Port Matched to the Head to Manifold Gasket.


The OE Ford Cast iron manifold is pretty good in function and very robust in construction, however due to its mass production nature, the accuracy of the casting are way less than accurate.


Overlapping ports create hotspots and turbulence that cannot possibly help power output and exhaust gas temperatures.


To fully port match the manifold and allow smooth passage of hot gasses is the very best way to help the gas to escape . This has been proven to lower exhaust gas temps(EGT's) by as much as 30 degrees.

This unit is sold on an exchange basis and can be fitted to any stock frame Turbocharger that uses the original Exhaust Housing as its base.


We normally take your used manifold and port the inlet and outlets to match the turbo of choice.


We can supply a new manifold and do all this works to it but costs for new units are approximately 300 pounds extra and as a used unit is still useable see little point in the extra cost.

Fiesta ST180 Ported Exhaust Manifold - Fiesta ST180 Mk7

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