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Fiesta ST180 280mm Rear Brake Upgrade - Pumaspeed


  • Larger 280mm Diameter Discs for increased stopping power.
  • Dimpled for maximum cooling.
  • Grooved for pad deglazing.
  • Perfect from cold.
  • Astonishing performance.
  • Guaranteed results


A combination of larger diameter ZERO SIXTY 280mm Performance discs and MINTEX M1144 PADS track-ready Pads. 


The new Zero Sixty performance brake discs feature a unique dimpled and grooved pattern - both for better image and for better performance.


The dimples eliminate the thermal cracking that can be found in drilled discs.


All of these features allow the heat to dissipate as quickly as possible to eliminate brake fade.

The Mintex 1144 material has been used in some of the very best Fast Fords. The Famous Racing Puma came with this pad, and the rally challenge ST150 Fiesta had the same material also, so the pedigree and history is already proven.


It is true performance stopping power unrivalled in its class.


They fit behind all stock 17 inch Fiesta ST wheels.

Fiesta ST180 280mm Rear Brake Conversion - Fiesta ST180 Mk7

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