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Fiesta ST Mk8 Full Height Intercooler by Pro Alloy - Pro Alloy


  • Pro Alloy - The Professionals choice
  • Hand crafted, TIG welded here in the UK
  • 40mm tube and fin core with laser cut end tanks
  • CNC machined boost pipe connectors for OE or aftermarket boost pipes
  • Pressure tested in controlled environment to ensure consistent results
  • Up to 263bhp with Stage 1R and 310bhp with Stage 3!


The new Pro Alloy Intercooler for the Fiesta ST MK8 is one of the largest MK8 intercooler on the market. This full height intercooler makes the most of the available space behind the Fiesta’s large open grills massively improving cooling performance.

The impressive stats below show how big this intercooler is compared to the original. Pro Alloy Intercooler vs Standard Intercooler = 215 % Increase in Core frontal surface area = 80.4 % Increase in calculated internal tube flow surface volume Installation of this fantastic kit is also exceptionally straight forward, with the intercooler simply clipping into place, and without the need for modifying or trimming any of the original parts. With the bumper removed swapping the original intercooler with the Pro Alloy unit can be completed within minutes. The intercooler style is tube and fin. 

Easy installation for less experienced home mechanics, but if you have a list of parts that need fitting, contact us for installation at our workshop or at our dealer network across the UK. 

Available in satin silver or gloss black powdercoat with or without the 'PRO' logo.

Fiesta ST Mk8 Full Height Intercooler by Pro Alloy - Fiesta ST Mk8

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