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Fiesta ST180 Bolt on Garrett GTX2867 Turbo Kit - ATP Turbo


  • 400 Plus bhp Capable
  • GTX2867 with External Wastegate
  • V-band Type Tubular Manifold for 100% leak free operation
  • Stock placement intake pipe compatible (Adapter elbow provided)
  • New Steel Braided Oil Feed and Coolant Lines provided
  • Includes V Band Downpipe and Screamer pipe
  • Fits stock Oil Drain Tube


The New Pumspeed Fiesta ST Dominator GTX Turbo Kit is here!

Choose from the 3 supply options below:

Option 1 - Starter Kit

Tubular Manifold, Downpipe and Screemer pipe only

Option 2 - Upgrade Kit

Tubular Manifold, Downpipe, Screemer pipe and Tial V Band Exhaust housing
for installation on existing ATP GTX kit

Option 3 - The Full Kit

Tubular Manifold, Downpipe, Screemer pipe plus Tial V Band Exhaust housing and the full GTX2867 turbo kit including all oil and water lines and associated fasteners where applicable.

These kits are built to order, with typical build time being 7-14 working days.

Pumaspeed Stainless Steel V Series Tubular Manifold
  - 1.25” Large Bore or Quickspool 1.00" Sch10 304 Stainless Steel
  - Built in the UK
  - 304 Stainless 12mm Thick Cylinder Head Flange
  - Hand Made 4-1 Merge Collector
  - Tial Stainless V-Band
  - 100% TIG Purge Welded  



Fiesta ST Dominator GTX2867R External Wastegate Turbo Kit - Fiesta ST180 Mk7

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