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Fiesta MK7 1.0 Custom Made Oil Catch Tank Kit (Aftermarket Induction)


These are custom made to order 


In the kit you will receive the following


1 X 2 port baffled & filtered oil catch can,  avaliable in red, blue, black or silver 


2 X Oil & Fuel Safe Hoses, double wall, reinforced and heat resistant. Avaliable in 15 different colours so we can match mst engine bay colour schemes 


2 X Hose End Finishers, these incorporate clips to connect to the catch can, they are available in red, blue, black, silver and purple, green & gold


2 X Hose Connectors and hose clips to connect the pipes to the engine 


Each kit contains everything required to fit to the engine


Fitting instructions will be emailed upon delivery of the kit.


All UK sourced parts 


Each kit is made to order, delivery time is 7-10 days 



Fiesta MK7 1.0 Custom Oil Catch Can Kit

Oil Lines Colour
  • Crank case oil catch can kit for fiesta 1.0 turbo 

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