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Empty Tuning Box Carry Case - Pumaspeed or MAXD Logo - MAXD-OUT Software

  • New Carry Case for your Tuning Box
  • Zip Up Style Case with Carabiner
  • Choice of 2x Logos: Pumaspeed and MAXD
  • Keep Your Tuning Box and USB Stick Safe


This all new product from Pumaspeed is for existing and new customers who need a stylish and better way to organise and keep safe their tuning equipment. Supplied as a zip style carry case with carabiner, the new carry-case is a perfect way to store your tuning box, cable and USB stick, ensuring you never lose them again. 

The case features and elastic second compartment on the inside for extra storage as well as the primary function, a tough exterior for protection against the elements and usual wear and tear against the things in you glovebox/house, and a stylish Pumaspeed or MAXD logo on the front (please choose from the options). 

We ordinarily carry these in stock, but feel free to contact us to double check if we can send out for delivery!


Empty Tuning Box Carry Case - Pumaspeed or MAXD Logo - Fiesta ST Mk8

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