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Direct Drop in Injector to Suit all 1.6 DI EcoBoost Engines

Full compatibility with all stock Ford and Volvo EcoBoost Motors

Added 30% flow Rate

Will fuel up to 440 bhp on Stock fuel Pump ( in Good Condition )

At Last a set of direct drop in injectors to Suit the new 1.6 DI EcoBoost Motor. With an additional flow rate of 30% these units are intended for all very high powered 1.6 Ecoboost motors and have proven flow over 400 bhp.
Fully tried and tested  these brand new Bosch Injectors will fuel the1.6 Ecoboost motor to well over 400bhp turbo and hardware permitting, they are a direct drop in unit but will need a mapping change to injector scaling to fully work correctly.

We have tested these units for many weeks and with a simple change to injector scaling and nothing else they added up to 12+ bhp on the S280 application.

Direct Fit Upgraded Fuel Injectors Fiesta ST180

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