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Custom Oil Catch Tank Kit

In the kit you will receive the following

1 X Oil Catch Tank, internally baffled & filtered with a 1 way valve in the lid to stop anything caught in the tank from being drain back into the system, avaliable in black, blue, red, silver, purple & gold

3 X Custom Made Oil Lines, steel belted, braided, oil/fuel safe with a 2000psi burst pressure, avaliable in black, royal blue, red, silver, gold, green, purple, yellow, white, nitrous blue, anthricite, orange, pink

3 X Aeroquip Fittings, these are installed already into the oil lines and allow the connection of the oil lines to the catch tank by simply screwing the fittings onto the tank, no leaks, no, coming loose and they look awesome, avaliable in black, blue, red, silver & red/blue.

Each kit is supplied with full fitting instructions which are emailed upon receipt of your kit.

Kits are super easy to install when the instructions are followed.

BMW Mini 3 Port AN Fittings Custom Oil Catch Tank Kit

Oil Lines Colour
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