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Custom Made Oil Catch Tank Kit


The tanks have AN 12 screw-on oil line fittings & lines so they are substantial


Each tank is baffled and filtered, tanks have a drain in the base for easy emptying.


In each kit, you will receive the following


1 X Oil Catch Tank, internally baffled and filtered with a one-way valve built into the lid to stop anything being drawn from the tank back into the system, available in black, blue, red, and silver & purple


2 X AN12 Steel Belted Hoses, these are steel reinforced, oi/fuel safe hoses and have a 2000psi burst pressure, we use these hoses on our custom oil cooler kits also and are way beyond what is required for oil lines on a catch tank kit

We can also offer these with a coloured overbraid in one of 11 colours.

Current dispatch time is 7-14 working days


Shipping is 7-14 working days


Each kit is custom made to order


BMW Custom Oil Catch Tank Kit

Oil Lines Colour
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