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330-340bhp capable on every car! - Pumaspeed Hybrid Turbochargers


  • Direct Bolt On Stock Location Unit X47R Hybrid Turbocharger
  • X47 Turbine Shaft with Race Spec Clipped Back Blades, X47R
  • New Race Red Extended Tip 7 Blade Billet Compressor Wheel
  • Motorsport Heavy Duty 360 Degree Thrust Bearing Assembly
  • Modified Seal Plate to Match Hi-Flow Compressor Wheel
  • 340bhp Dyno Proven on both Pumaspeed and Customer Cars
  • Supplied with CNC Machined Racing Inlet Elbow for Maximum Airflow
  • Over 700 Units Sold Worldwide to Date!


The EcoBoost 1.6 Fiesta Pumaspeed X47 turbo was launched in January 2017, and since then the use of this unit globally has grown beyond our expectations. 


The proven power and reliability of this unit is now without doubt the best hybrid turbo available for the ST180. It has been used in street and competition globally and recently ran a 12.6 second quarter mile time, which is an unbelievable achievement for what essentially is a direct bolt on replacement turbo. 


One of our Pumaspeed dealers in South Africa ran a 12.5 at altitude. This turbo is the only hybrid to consistently get into the 12's in various countries on various customer and dealer cars. With trap speeds in excess of 116mph, this shows the true pulling power of the turbocharger with no let up at higher speeds.

BEST SELLER - X47R Fiesta ST EcoBoost Turbocharger and CNC Elbow - Fiesta ST180

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