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Focus RS Mk2 Airtec Intercooler upgrade with New Air-Ram Scoop, 60mm core –  Natural silver finish or Pro Series Black (comes with full brackets and fittings included)


Silver finish, why not make your NEW RS stand out from the crowd.

Pro Series black – Ultimate stealth look Airtec’s latest intercooler for the New


Focus RS, comes with high flow 60mm core and smooth flow end tanks, which in turn will increase power, torque & also lower ATC Temps, this could possibly be the best RS intercooler available.


Test results Carried out at Jamsport rolling road.


Intercoolers being testing for ACT (Air Charge Temperature)Standard ford Intercooler.


Air temp into Intercooler. 139 degrees Air temp out of Intercooler. 69 degrees Thats a 70 degree drop, but anything over 50 degress Engine intake temperature is not good for the engine.AIRTEC Intercooler


Air temp into Intercooler. 140 degrees Air temp out of Intercooler. 29 degrees Wow now thats good a 111 degree drop in ACT figures speak for them selves.Alternative make, After market Intercooler Upgrade


Air temp into Intercooler. 140 degrees Air temp out of Intercooler. 53 degrees 87 degree drop, its o.k. and shows it works, JUST, but for Less money, more safety and more gains you can have a Airtec Intercooler upgrade for your RS all for just  £395.


Easily one of the best looking Intercoolers for the New FRS and easily the best value for money hands down!


Approximate dimensions:

AIRTEC Stage 1 Intercooler Upgrade for Focus RS Mk2

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