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Generation 3 AIRTEC Stage 1 60mm Focus ST Intercooler Upgrade
AIRTEC’s latest intercooler for the ST225, the total design has now changed with a new high-flow, 60mm core and smooth flowing end tanks, which has lowered ACTs and in-turn increased power and torque. This could possibly be the best ST intercooler available. Yes, it’s really that good!
Bolts onto the bottom of the radiator cradle so there isn’t major weight added onto the standard radiator mounts like other alloy intercoolers on the market.
Comes with full brackets and all fixtures and fittings included.
Available in natural silver or Pro-Series satin black finish for that ultimate stealth look.
Still as easy to fit and improved high-flow design.
Torque of the Devil Rolling Road Test Results AIRTEC Gen 3 Intercooler:
148 degrees – Inlet Temperature 30 degrees – Outlet Temperature
296.4bhp 390lb ft
Standard Ford Intercooler:
144 degrees – Inlet Temperature  66 degrees – Outlet Temperature  275bhp 350lb ft of torque
Brake horse power and torque figures both down on power compared to Gen 3
Approximate dimensions:
900mm wide
268 high
60mm deep
50mm pipe connections
An AIRTEC Best seller!

AIRTEC Stage 1 Gen 3 Intercooler Upgrade for Mk2 Focus ST

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