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AIRTEC huge front mount intercooler for Mk3 Focus RS.


The AIRTEC intercooler is the only off the shelf intercooler that uses a 100mm deep core! We use this core only in the most extreme coolers, we name the 100mm core ‘Gobstopper’ due to it’s amazing cooling properties.


  • Smooth flow curved cast end tanks, for that ultimate flow
  • Huge high flow 100mm core
  • Air-Ram Scoop, forces Air directly into core of intercooler
  • Fitting takes approximately 1-2 hours
  • Increased BHP & torque
  • Available in Pro-Series Black or Natural Silver
  • Strongest Intercooler available, backed up by our 3 year warranty.
  • Fabricated in house, inthe UK


This intercooler has been used on a Syvecs powered 800bhp Focus RS with intake temps of just 34 degrees.


This kit also includes our 2.5″ big boost pipe kit, a must for a remapped RS


  • Hard pipes made from 2.5″ light-weight alloy and connected using Pro Hoses 5 ply silicone hose joiners
  • Pipework available in Pro-Series Black or Motorsport Silver


Our 2.5″ hard pipe upgrade removes Ford’s 2.0″ restrictive boost pipes and can see ‘bolt on power’.


This kit is designed for BIG BHP / Remapped Focus RS’s. All pipes have swaged ends to stop the pipes blowing off on higher power cars.


Intercooler dimensions:

Core Thickness 100mm

Height 220mm

Width 896mm

AIRTEC Intercooler Upgrade and Big Boost Pipe Package for Mk3 Focus RS

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