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All Your Questions, Answered, I hope this removes any worries you may have with purchasing any of our products

At majestic performance customer service is key, we will do our very best to ensure your not only fully aware of what your buying and its benefits but that you are happy with your purchase


What Is The Roll Of An Oil Catch Can

Direct injection engines do not have a fuel supply passing over the valves so any oil or contaminants that pass the PCV valve or CCV pass into the intake manifold, this then sits on the valves which is then burnt causing a build up of carbon which in turn reduces performance and reliability
Fitting a catch can to the engines CCV or PCV removes this excess oil before it gets to the valves, thus helping to maintain overall performance and reliability

Are Your Parts Cheap Chinese Items

We source all our parts from UK retailers, do we ask these guys and gals where they source the parts? the simple answer is no, as a result you may find some of the parts we use cheaper on the likes of eBay and Amazon and Ali Express but rest assured this is not where we purchase our parts from, remember your not only paying for the cost of the parts but the development work involved to get the kits to where they perform perfectly but look awesome while doing so and that has taken many a late night and early morning perfecting the kits and as they say time is money

Can I have Every Component In Different Colours

Simple answer to this one is YES, if you want to have every colour of the rainbow in your kit then we have no problem making the kit you require
Ultimatley this product is going to be fitted permanently in your engine bay so we want you to have your perfect kit and everytime you look at it we want you to be 100% happy with it

Can I Canel/Return My Custom Made Item

All our custom oil catch tank kits are custom made to order, when we receive your order, we then order the parts for your order and then your kit is made to your specific order requirements, we do not carry stock of any of the oil lines due to the various colors available, we would need storage the size of a football pitch if we did.


Each kit is custom made, if you decide to cancel or return your custom made kit, they cannot be resold in the configuration you ordered, so have to be broken down and the individual parts used on other orders, this costs us time and money.

If you decide to return your custom made item due to changing your mind and not due to faulty components, we will offer you a credit note for the value of the order, minus any shipping costs or a replacement order


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